Weekly Independent News Hour


The Intercept launched a new weekly independent news hour, hosted by Jeremy Scahill, on January 26th, 2017—a week after Trump took office. In addition to Scahill's scathing commentaries on the Trump administration and investigative reports by staff writers, the program also features a wide range of expert guests, including Intercept contributors like Glenn Greenwald and Naomi Klein.


They take a much deeper look at the issues the corporate media isnt covering. It's another great source of independent, investigative journalism for anyone who's tired of fake news...


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Bin Laden Hoax

Legendary investigative journalist Sy Hersh broke a massive hole in the government's Bin Laden story.



Ta-Nehisi Coates makes the case for reparations in this groundbreaking essay on the obvious, and not so obvious, reasons for reparations.



One of the world's top independent journalists explains why Syria did not use chemical weapons, and some more here.




Great book by Tufts Univ. professor Sheldon Krimsky details 22 scientific studies that expose the truth about GMOs.



Incisive book by New Yorker writer Elizabeth Colbert explains why the next great extinction may just include us...



The most celebrated book on economics in a century explains just how bad the new economy really is for working people...



Ralph Nader

An independent news program with Ralph Nader and guests that takes a deeper look at the news thats not being covered by most other networks.


Democracy Now

Democracy Now is the top independent news program in the US. Watch or listen to their hour long daily show at this link...


The Intercept

Top new investigative journalism website, featuring Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, who broke the Snowden leaks.