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APHEX TWIN (AKA. User18081971)
Drops 200 Free Trax on the Web...


Aphex Twin recently posted over 200 free trax to a secret Soundcloud account: User48736353001. He has since deleted the account, but you can still download the trax here. He later opened another account: User18081971, where he posted a number of new free downloads. These are not all the B sides the accomplished electronic musician has accumulated over the years. There's a wide range of great music throughout the collection. It spans a variety of genres—from vintage Aphex hardcore all the way down to some ambient trax that dont even have a beat. Some of these trax could top the electronic charts. For some reason the mad genius decided to give them away for free.


USER18081971 DJ Food: Aphex Twin mix Website



Aphex Twin

DJ Food did a nice mix of Aphex Twin trax for Sold Steel radio. It features a nice sampling of Aphex Twin's free trax on Soundcloud...


Four Tet

Freestyle/Techouse/Post Rock: Four Tet played a wicked set at The Boiler Room's SXSW warehouse night in 2014.



Fact Mix

Cutting edge DJ mixes in a variety of underground genres. Most DJs bring their best trax to a Fact Mix...


Solid Steel

Ninja Tune's weekly radio show puts out 2 hours, at least, of the best eletronic music on the planet. Genres vary widely...



Solid Steel: 30 Years of Acid

Solid Steel recently celebrated 30 years of acid music with two great mixes, featuring some of the top acid trax in history...


The Orb

FACT MIX.341: The Orb teamed up with dub legend, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, in 2012 to make a groundbreaking new album.