flying lotus

Flying Lotus: Aural Exploration


Flying Lotus is one of the freshest new producers to hit the electronic music scene in years. Although his catalogue does extend far beyond the boundaries of electronic music. He has produced everything from hip hop to house, jazz to drum n bass—all laced with a distinct set of sounds that you wont hear anywhere else. His signature genre is downtempo/chill out, which features a unique pallet of crunchy bass beats with some serious psychedelic undertones. He is the grand nephew of late jazz great Alice Coltrane, who had a strong influence on his early career. He even features her favorite instrument, the harp, on a number of trax. His latest album features a number of collaborations with top artists, including Snoop Dog and Kendrick Lamar. Check it out at the linx below:


Warp Records Soundcloud Website



Ivy Lab

This is our pick for the best Ninja Tune Solid Steel DJ mix so far this year. One hour of disgustingly dirty beatsfrom downtempo to D n B.



French producer Colleen did a tribute mix to her musical influences in 2015. It features some of the best dub and reggae of the last few decades.


Aphex Twin

DJ Food did a nice mix of Aphex Twin trax for Sold Steel radio. It features a nice sampling of Aphex Twin's free trax on Soundcloud.



Solid Steel

Ninja Tune's weekly radio show puts out 2 hours, at least, of the best electronic music on the planet. Genres vary widely.


Fact Mix

Cutting edge DJ mixes in a variety of underground genres. Most DJs bring their best trax to a Fact Mix.


Boiler Room

Boiler Room is a live DJ show that tours the world, featuring top local and international DJs, as well as the crowds that gather to watch them.



The Orb

FACT MIX.341: The Orb teamed up with dub legend Lee 'Scratch' Perry in 2012 to make a groundbreaking new album.


Solid Steel: 30 Years of Acid

Solid Steel recently celebrated 30 years of acid music with two great mixes featuring some of the top acid trax in history.


aphex twin

Aphex Twin recently posted over 200 free trax to a secret Soundcloud account: User48736353001. You can download them all at this link for free.