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20 Short Stories About Humanity's Favorite Pastime

SEX is the first installment in a series of 3 ebooks about Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. It takes a diverse look at a variety of issues revolving around sex and relationships, including: infidelity, divorce, pornography, prostitution, strippers, homosexuality and more. Although it does contain some pretty graphic sexual imagery, Sex is not a work of erotic fiction or romance, but rather a genre best defined by Henry Miller as erotic literature. It is written in a casual autobiographical style that is reminiscent not only of Miller, but also of Kerouac and Bukowski. It's specially designed for the digital format with art, hyperlinks and fiction of all lengths...



from The Midnight Sun

from Katrina and The Rhino

from Dakota and The Washing Machine


One looked like sin and the other like salvation. I was suddenly torn between the kind of girl you marry and the kind you cheat on your wife with...


The Midnight Sun









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Great new book by Tufts University professor Sheldon Krimsky details 22 scientific studies that expose the truth about GMOs...




REVEvolution contributing artist Brent Nadin's new art gallery, Repent, opens in Tai Chung this Spring with a multi-media show called Surface.



Schism is a one of a kind graphic novel about a distopian future by popular woodcut artist Jon Renzella.


Shepard Fairey

A retrospective of Fairey's work, spanning 25 years and a variety of genres, including some of his most recognizable screen prints & stencils.


Citizen Four

Citizen Four tells an extremely important story in a very compelling way by employing some highly advanced film making techniques.


Kurt Cobain

Our best documentary for 2015 is one of the deepest, most vivid portrayals of an artist's life that you will ever see...


Mr. Nobody

Complex drama about Fate and The Multiverse. This is one of the best films ever made, that most people havent seen...